The Future of Healthcare Networking

Take the next step in your network optimization with Zones and Cisco DNA.



cisco dna premier icon

Cisco DNA Premier

This includes complete Cisco DNA Assurance functionality, plus enhanced security with Cisco Stealthwatch, as well as full Cisco DNA Center automation functionality.  

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Cisco DNA Advantage

This offering comes complete with all Cisco DNA assurance and automation functionality.  

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Cisco DNA Essentials

This offer features basic monitoring and automation, but it includes only limited assurance features.  


At the heart of healthcare innovation

Can you handle today's traffic?

Studies predict there will be an additional 50 billion devices flooding networks this year. In healthcare, that incoming pressure is compounded by strict HIPAA requirements, patient/clinician needs, legacy network technologies, and tight IT budgets. Make sure your network can handle the traffic – and the complexity it will bring – with networking solutions from Zones and Cisco.

Cisco DNA Assurance can prepare your team for this influx of network activity. This solution offers unparalleled visibility into network health, and it even automates issue resolution by eliminating manual troubleshooting operations. This means your teams can spend less time resolving service issues and more time fostering organizational growth.



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