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Collaboration Tools

Zones Solutions for empowering your remote workforce

We partner with leading companies such as Cisco, VMware, and Microsoft to make collaboration while remote that much easier

Reduce the cost and complexity of technology and provide a more agile and intuitive way of working.

During these turbulent times, with so many businesses disrupted and employees working from home, Zones can help you accommodate remote workers with our wide range of products and services.

Our IT experts can help you quickly implement, deploy, and train your team on new remote work collaboration tools. Plus, we can help your employees better leverage the remote work tools they already have to make sure your entire organization stays productive.


Microsoft Teams

Online file-sharing and note-organization tools

When implementing a remote-working program, invest in software that makes it easy to store, organize, and share files, so you and your team can work on documents in and out of office. With real-time editing capabilities, you no longer have to hassle with the back-and-forth of email. In the software, make sure you can easily create notes, respond to questions, and log updates right on the document for the benefit of your entire team.


Video and text chat services for real-time conversations

As you’re determining how to set up communications across your remote team, consider instant messaging and video software. Why? Instant messaging allows you to quickly communicate with your colleagues, while voice and video services are great for longer obligations, like meetings. In fact, an upfront investment in chat services can even reduce future call and meeting costs.


Time and energy to create a strong remote culture
Despite your investment in software and services, nothing compares to an investment in the relationships between your team. Cultivating a strong culture of trust and mutual accountability in the onboarding phase and beyond will create enduring benefits.Try hosting video hangouts or schedule in-person events each quarter to help your teams connect.


Special Offer

From now until June 30th, Zones is discounting the following software, applications, consulting, and training.

  • 6-Month Trial of Microsoft Teams
  • 6-Month Trial of Office 365 E1
  • 90-Day Trial of BrainStorm QuickHelp
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Cisco Webex

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Video Conferencing Design & Implementation

Cisco Webex Calling allows you to locally connect your existing PSTN service to the Webex cloud through the use of Cisco-approved gateways. Calls are securely encrypted to ensure your workers are in compliance with any privacy requirements. Talk to us and see if you qualify for a 3-month free trial of Webex, starting today!


Unified Communications & Voice Design & Implementation

We can help you to expand and enhance your existing Webex deployments and Cisco UC phone systems to optimize the capabilities of your remote work teams. Reach out to us today, and we'll work with you to design a customized solution that meets your business needs.


Webex Teams

webex teams

Anyone using Webex Teams can start a meeting with the touch of a button. Send important information via direct and team messages, where they can be read and responded to right away—or flagged for follow up later. 


File sharing and screen sharing in a space is quick and simple. And the files you receive are neatly organized, searchable, and saved right alongside all of your communication.


Whiteboard or draw on your phone or any device, and share the interactive drawing in chat. Keep iterating whether or not you’re in a live meeting.

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Special Offer
  • WEBEX Personal Accounts Free Access, Enterprise Webex Trials Available, Free Events for Existing Customers
  • 30 Days Free with paid monthly plan signup
  • 4 months free with paid annual plan signup
  • 14 Day Free Trial UMBRELLA
  • 30 Day New Trial DUO
  • 90 Day Free Trial ANYCONNECT  now through July 2020
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VMware Workspace One

What are the key features of Workspace ONE?
  • Consumer simple app authentication
  • Device management options
  • Network access control
  • Automated app management 

Remote Workforce Collaboration Tools


Get the very best in multi-platform endpoint management from VMware Workspace ONE, a digital platform that makes it easy to manage any app, on any device, with complete access control. Workspace ONE is built on unified endpoint management technology and integrates smoothly with virtual application delivery solutions, such as VMware Horizon.


Special Offer

Workspace ONE 30 Day Free Trial

​Those customers who want to leverage our mobility solutions can try Workspace ONE for 30 days free of charge. Can be extended by EUC Sales upon request for up to 6 months.


VMware Horizon


Horizon Cloud Microsoft Azure gives organizations the ability to connect their own instance of Microsoft Azure to the incredibly intuitive Horizon Cloud control plane, creating a secure, comprehensive cloud-hosted solution for delivery virtualized Windows applications and desktops. The solution brings VMware virtual applications and desktops to Microsoft Azure global data center regions while offering customers all the benefits of Horizon Cloud, including automated service updates and an intuitive management interface. 

Remote Workforce Collaboration Tools

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When IT administrators tap into the virtualization benefits of VMware Horizon 7, it opens a world of possibilities. End users are no longer restricted to one specific machine, as they can access their systems and files across multiple devices and locations. And for administrators, the process of managing end users becomes far simpler, as they can easily create virtual desktops on-demand based on each user's location and profile.

A single administration console provides detailed levels of control, allowing you to customize the end-user experience, access, and personalization to support corporate policy. End users get a familiar, personalized environment that they can access from any number of devices anywhere throughout the enterprise or from remote locations. And as an administrator, you have centralized control, efficiency, and security by storing desktop data in the data center.


Special Offer

45 Days free - (VDI) and applications as a remote workforce solution, we are offering Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure for 45 days free of charge.​

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Implementation, Training & Support

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Zones can help – after all, collaboration is one of our specialties. Here’s some of what our experts can do for you:



We can help you deploy the latest collaboration tools from leading partners like Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.


We can train your team on how to best leverage these collaboration tools, as well as help manage the transition away from your legacy solutions.


As your team goes about using these tools, we can deliver support on an ongoing basis, making sure your team members are continually set up for success, no matter where they’re working.

Service Desk

In the event that your companies IT resources are bogged down, Zones service desk is open 24/7 for technical support.


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