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Employee experience is just as vital to business success as the customer experience is. Companies who work to improve the workplace for their employees outperform the S&P Index by 122% and are 21% more profitable than those with low workforce engagement scores. Despite this, at many companies, improving the employee experience often remains an IT afterthought. So how do you best address the needs of your workforce? By partnering with a solutions provider like Zones. Our Workplace Modernization solutions can help you boost employee retention and profitability by implementing a comprehensive workplace strategy using the latest end-user devices, attractive digital signage, reliable Wi-Fi networking, and service desk support.



When you add in IT services, support, software management, and disposal, the cost of owning a device is much higher than the purchase price. That’s why device as a service (DaaS) is so valuable. For a predictable, fixed monthly subscription, Zones DaaS provides a fully managed solution that combines hardware, licensing and end-to-end IT services.


Zones can procure your device standards and add in all the services you need to support your users for a single per-device, per-month price. This helps with cost predictability by eliminating the large upfront costs of purchasing new devices and replacing them with lower monthly payments. These monthly payments can be tailored to fit your company’s budget and revenue streams.

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Digital Signage

With display costs dropping, walls and workspaces no longer have to be dull. Digital signage can make them interactive with dynamic backdrops that make a strong first impression and welcome our clients’ most important visitors – their customers.


Digital signage enables companies to relay real-time information across locations and customize displays to enhance relevance for specific user groups. Retailers have long been at the forefront of adopting digital signage to display promotional offers across stores, drive upsell and impulse purchase opportunities, and offer rich media for co-op programs and paid advertising by vendors. There are many well-documented benefits to choosing digital signage over print media, including higher rates of engagement and retention, increased recall rates, increased foot traffic and sales, improved perception of the brand, and many more. Whether your company is looking to increase employee engagement or modernize the workplace environment, digital signage can help support your objectives. Our Digital Signage Solution Offering includes:

• Assessment

• Digital Signage Design and Implementation

• IT Asset


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Wi-Fi Networking

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are going wireless, with more than 80% of all mobile traffic now being carried over both public and private Wi-Fi networks. As businesses, employees, customers, and supporting systems become more dependent on this ubiquitous wireless technology, strong network performance is critical.


Whether you are planning a new network, expanding your current coverage, or upgrading your legacy infrastructure, Zones’ Wi-Fi Networking Solution Offering can help you create a network that drives your digital transformation forward. We offer:
• Wireless Assessment
• Wireless Networking Design & Implementation
Zones’ Wi-Fi Networking services are designed to meet your next-gen networking needs. We help companies transform and manage their wireless network, enabling anytime, anywhere, any device connectivity – for enhanced employee productivity, stronger customer relationships, and exceptional service.
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It is more important than ever to implement a security solution that effectively protects against the advanced threats that are impacting organizations today. It could cost your business $160,000 per incident if your business emails have been compromised. Our team of security experts will assess your organization from emails to endpoints and provide a detailed view of potential threats. 

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