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Retail Analytics

Get detailed information on what's working and what isn't.

Supply Chain
Improve inventory management throughout your retail organization.
Customer Experience

Make each in-store transaction smooth and seamless for the buyer.

Data management

Get a better handle on all your employees' most essential files.

Zones Smart Retail Solutions

The face of traditional retail is changing. Thanks to rapid advances in technology and lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the way your customers interact with your stores could be very different once society has reopened. Make sure you are prepared for the influx of customers looking to shop with modern smart retail solutions from Zones.

Our solutions will help you improve the customer experience and streamline how your business operates. They include:

  • Smart dressing rooms with AR mirrors
  • Advanced/mobile point-of-sale systems
  • Digital signage
  • Customer heat maps via managed Wi-Fi
  • Smart lockers
  • Charge carts for floor devices
  • RFID and handheld scanners
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How Smart is Your Retail?

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Bringing Data Storage to the Edge

Zones has partnered with Dell Technologies to provide a cutting edge solution for storing data for retail stores: Dell VXBlock. Dell VXBlock is a micro data center that can connect wired and wireless devices and systems, aggregate and analyzes input, and everything else you expect from a data center. But their special features are designed with edge computing in mind, so you’ll have access to what you need when you need it.

Microdata centers are about the size of a refrigerator. This means that each store and branch can have an onsite server for critical data. Your end-users will be able to access this data with a minimum of latency, saving on expensive bandwidth.

VxBlock 1000 integrates powerful Dell EMC storage and data protection into a turnkey converged system supporting all your high-value, mission-critical workloads—from the core data center to the cloud. It helps you quickly modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure at scale so you can focus on innovation and gain more value from your data.

The modular design of the racks allows for an unprecedented level of customization. Start small, with one micro data center per store designed to hold only the most critical data. As your data needs grow, you can add more centers to scale effortlessly.

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Why work with Zones

When you turn to Zones for smart retail, you get comprehensive service offerings that will unburden your internal IT teams. Our solutions offer easy deployment at a grand scale, even with multiple vendors and delivery schedules. On top of that, you’ll get ongoing IT support for both on-site and remote team members, meaning your entire organization will be in sync as you modernize your business.


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