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No matter where you are storing your data, it must be a perfect fit for your organization.



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A New Approach to Your Data and Keeping it Secure

When it comes to data management, many people think of the cloud. But cloud storage isn’t the only option available. Benefits to storing your data on-premises, or even in a hybrid environment, include:

  • Control: Both public and private cloud solutions suffer from security breaches. Keeping your data on-prem can help keep it safe.
  • Independence: Your data won’t be beholden to the business decisions of cloud providers.
  • Cost savings: The total cost of on-prem data storage is low compared to that of cloud hosting.
  • Flexibility: On-premises storage acts as a solid foundation that you can scale up and down easily.

No matter where your data is being stored, security is more important than ever. We work with Trend Micro to make sure you have security across all your workloads, physical servers, virtual, cloud, or containers.

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Zones can help.

Are you interested in adopting a new solution for data management at your business? Are you concerned about how your data is staying secure?  If so, you can't do better than teaming up with Zones. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing reliable data management and security solutions, ensuring that our clients' workloads and data are positioned to support growth, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

We also have strong partnerships with Dell Technologies and Trend Micro, two of the world's foremost storage and security OEMs.  

  • Dell Technologies is leading the pack on flexible, modernized on-prem storage solutions, including their newest release, Powerstore.
  • You still need a reliable partner to keep that data safe, and that’s where best-in-class security solutions from Trend Micro come in.

These relationships help us deliver storage solutions that cover all the bases – security, compliance, disaster recovery, backup methodology, workload migration, and more. Start working with Zones today, and we'll get to work quickly on a solution that meets both the current and future needs of your business.

Learn how storage solutions with Zones can give your organization the control, independence, cost savings, and flexibility that's unique to your business.


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