On-Prem Storage

 in a Cloud-Focused World.

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There’s still a place for on-prem storage in the modern business world.

For many organizations, the shift to a more remote, distributed world hasn’t been easy. With many companies learning how to manage remote workers as they go, there has been a new host of threats and challenges to overcome, including:

  • Increased modern workloads.
  • Data protection threats.
  • Smaller budgets.
  • Reduced IT team size.

To overcome these challenges, you need the right partner: The right partner like Zones. We’ll leverage our relationship with Dell Technologies to design and implement a modern data storage solution that combines the security of on-prem with the flexibility of the cloud. Dell Technologies servers are precisely the tools you need to overcome the challenges of a modern, distributed workforce. Benefits include:

  • High performance: You’ll be able to manage ever-growing workloads with ease.
  • Reliable data protection: A must when data needs to be sent to team members across the globe.
  • Affordable storage: Save money with a centralized storage system.
Download our guide to learn more about Dell Technologies’ on-prem storage solutions.