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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Your AI assistant at work


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Your Path to the Future of Work Begins

We all crave work that stands out and holds meaning. But the reality? We get stuck doing tasks that drain our time and creativity. To get back to our best, we don't just need a little improvement. We need a whole new way of working. Copilot for Microsoft 365 is your advanced AI tool that seamlessly integrates into your daily Microsoft 365 apps. It gives you the power to be more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, more productive in Outlook, and more collaborative in Teams. This allows for less time on mundane tasks and more focus on what truly matters.
With Copilot for Microsoft 365 now available for all sales channels since Jan 15th, you can now unlock its productivity and creativity-boosting features without limitations. Zones, as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), is here to help.

A Gateway to a World of Possibilities


There’s so much you can do with Copilot for Microsoft 365. Your imagination is the limit.


Reduce busywork

Let AI handle time-consuming tasks so you can focus on creative work and innovation. Multiply your productivity in no time.



End information overload

Free yourself from absorbing unnecessary information. Instantly find what matters and identify only the important information.



Work smarter, not harder

Reduce inbox time and make meetings more impactful with AI-powered meeting summaries, transcripts, and recordings for more productive work.


Explore Copilot for Microsoft 365 Potential in Our eBook!


As the pace of work races ahead, Copilot for Microsoft 365 steps in to supercharge your workflows.

Discover the full potential of AI powered tools with our exclusive eBook, offering an in-depth exploration of its capabilities. This comprehensive guide unveils the integration of AI across the Microsoft 365 suite, from Teams to Word, to Excel, and beyond.


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A Deep Dive into Copilot for Microsoft 365 Versatility


Copilot in Excel

Dive deep into data, uncover insights, create formulas, and more.



Copilot in Word

Craft drafts, modify documents, or generate concise summaries effortlessly.



Copilot in PowerPoint

Craft stunning presentations, organize content, and streamline summarization tasks.



Copilot in Outlook

Initiate emails swiftly, generate summaries, and easily breeze through lengthy emails.



Copilot in Teams

Elevate your meeting experience, effortlessly catch up on chats, and access information faster.


Join Zones' Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop Today



Uncover what the power of AI can do for your business with the Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop by Zones. This 3-day immersive experience assesses your organization's needs, showcases the AI capabilities using in real-world scenarios, and creates a comprehensive implementation plan.

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