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Our technologists can help you map out a cloud data management strategy that makes sense for your business as well as oversee implementation.

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First Choice for IT. 

Zones can help implement a cloud solution that solves challenges such as:

Managing explosive amounts of data

Organizations need to protect and store more data for longer periods, while still providing users with access to said data. 

Constant demand on IT departments
The more data an organization handles, the more maintenance and ongoing support it requires to keep a handle on that data, which taxes their IT departments. 
Growth bottlenecks

Data keeps growing, and it can be difficult to maintain the agility necessary to handle it in a reasonable time.

Data scalability

As data usage increases, organizations require the ability to grow on-demand without time constraints and financial roadblocks.   

A Cloud Assessment will:


  • Identify operational expenses of running workloads in the cloud

  • Create a strategy to best approach moving a workload to the cloud 

  • Analyze your currently deployed workloads to ensure consumption and spend is optimized

  • Assess your disaster recovery solution to improve speed of recovery and reduce costs.


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