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virtual workforce

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Secure a trusted workplace for employees and customers with Zones and Cisco.

With the passing of the pandemic, many organizations now find themselves at a crossroads. Are you considering a safe return to a physical workplace, like an office or clinic? Or is your distributed workforce working out so well that you’re going to continue with a remote team? Whichever you choose, you need technology that delivers the agility, security, and resiliency necessary to empower your organization.

We can provide that technology with Zones and Cisco’s Trusted Workplace Solutions. These solutions are proven to create a workplace your workforce can trust and one that facilitates operational consistency across your business while helping to ensure your employees’ safety, security, and wellness.

A modern remote strategy or a return to the office?
If you’re looking to transition back to a physical workplace Zones is here to help. We’ll leverage the best smart technology to ensure worker safety and wellness in the workplace, including Cisco DNA Spaces. DNA Spaces is equipped with several apps designed to keep your team members safe as they return to the workplace, including:

  • Social density monitoring
  • Proximity reporting
  • Location analytics
  • Contactless experiences
  • Critical asset tracking

A network for everyone.
On the other hand, many organizations have found a remote workplace suits them just fine, and are looking to continue a distributed workplace model into the future. If you’re looking to provide additional support to your remote team, you’ll need a reliable network solution – and that’s something Zones and Cisco can provide.

We’ll reimagine and redesign your workforce by extending secure network connectivity to your remote workers at home and in micro-offices. We’ll leverage Cisco Catalyst 9k and Meraki MX, Meraki MR Wireless Aps to ensure your network has the agility and security your remote workers need to stay productive wherever they are.

Read our guide “Securing a Trusted Workplace for Employees and Customers” to discover more ways Zones and Cisco can enable your team members wherever they are.