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New Latitude 5000 Series Are Dell’s Most Sustainable Laptops Yet*



Of Packaging
is Made from Recycled Material



Use of Ocean Bound Plastic



Post-Consumer Recycled Material



Across All Industries

* Based on Dell internal analysis, February 2022.

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Advancing Sustainability Through the Circular Economy

Organizations worldwide are putting sustainability at the focal point of their business decisions. Dell Technologies advances sustainability through the circular economy, allowing the reuse, repair, refurbishment, and recycling of products to reduce climate change and biodiversity loss. This technology rotation can help you achieve sustainability objectives while significantly lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). With Zones and Dell Technologies, you get multiple services to keep products in use as long as possible and contribute toward the circular economy.

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Driving Change Through Technology

Dell Technologies delivers innovative technology and solutions to lessen environmental crises and global warming. The Dell Latitude 5000 series comes with an environment-friendly build to promote sustainability. The components of Dell laptops are made from recyclable materials, including carbon fiber, bio-based rubber feet made from castor oil, ocean-bound plastics, and tree-based bioplastics. Across the entire product portfolio, 90% of packaging materials are made from recycled or renewable content. Dell Technologies helps optimize your business by delivering sustainable products that don’t sacrifice performance, flexibility, power, or security.

Taking the Lead in
Sustainable Innovation

The sustainability initiative taken by Dell Technologies dates back to 2007 – when Dell started utilizing recycled products in their portfolio for the first time. Throughout the years, Dell Technologies has collected 2.6+ billion pounds of used electronics for reuse or recycling to help the environment. Through the 2030 Moonshot Goal plan, Dell’s use of renewable content will reach 100%. And by 2050, Dell Technologies commits to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This shows Dell’s intent to track the long-term impact that benefits Dell and you.

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