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Business Resiliency Solution Capabilities


Cisco Trusted Workplace

Return to the office safer than ever. Create a workplace your workforce can trust and one that facilitates operational consistency across your business while helping to ensure your employees' safety, security, and wellness. 

Cisco Secure Remote Workforce

From field workers to executives, enable your workforce to get work done from anywhere—securely and effectively. Extend your corporate network into the home for a frictionless employee experience. 


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Create a safer work environment for your clinicians and staff and a trusted experience for your patients while maintaining continuity of care.


Healthcare of the past was constrained by time and place. Today, digital transformation is openingopens up a new world of healthcare opportunities-increasing access to quality healthcare and reducing costs. This Technology fuels this transformation is fueled by technology, which is reshaping the expectations of patients, family members, clinicians, and researchers across healthcare organizations worldwide. Patients today expect innovative care experiences, such as remote consultations, in-room infotainment, and location-based services. These trends are supported by IT through mobility policies, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to streamline processes and spur innovation, cloud to improve flexibility and costs savings, and analytics to understand patient and clinician behavior and improve patient outcomes. 

Business Resilience for Healthcare Infographic 


Public Sector

Establish safe and effective measures for essential services and functions securely, flexibly, and at scale.


The public sector, such as education and government, is undergoing an IT revolution. The ways we interact are changing, and legacy systems are struggling to keep up. Studies show that organizations that don’t invest heavily in modern network solutions are three times more likely to fail in their digital transformation compared to organizations that make networking a priority. 


Digital transformation for the public sector involves agile wireless connectivity and best-in-class network security. This allows organizations to work at a distance, whether that involves remote learning or reaching out to constituents. Not only that, but Cisco’s smart building solutions are the perfect fit for campuses and civic buildings. Solutions like secure public Wi-Fi and smart technology can improve access to educators and government workers while still keeping users safe from potential threats. 


Business Resilience for Public Sector Infographic



Provide seamless and trusted retail experiences for your customers and associates wherever they are.


Cisco provides digital capabilities that allow you to analyze and engage customers across channels (brick-and-mortar, online, etc.). This includes secure, and cloud-delivered targeted advertising that may be location-specific. It also means enhancing the customer experience of customers in stores, whether through mobile payments, loyalty programs and promotions, remote experts, endless aisles, smart lockers, or a myriad of other evolving experiences. 

Business Resilience for Retail Infographic



Manufacturing, Oil & Gas And Utilities

Securely connect remote teams and facilities to maintain production during unforeseen business disruptions.

With the right network infrastructure in place, you can unleash new value in your data, empower your workforce, and safeguard your operations. Optimize productivity and reduce downtime by connecting machines, sensors, and control systems—and harvesting the data to generate new insights into your operationsprocesses. Improve problem-solving by connecting workers on the floor with remote experts. Protect your intellectual property and assets from cyber threats with a comprehensive security strategy. 

Business Resilience for Manufacturing Infographic




Running a successful business requires building a workplace – and a workforce – that's ready for anything. This isn’t always easy, but it’s essential. By investing in modern workplace technology you can improve your team’s productivity and workplace happiness, which translates to increased revenue and lower turnover. 


Cisco’s Trusted Workplace Solutions get you ready to thrive in today's ever-changing reality. They include everything you need to make your workforce productive from anywhere and ensure your workplaces are safe, secure, and trusted by the people who use them. This includes seamless collaboration technology to keep your team connected wherever they are, and remote security solutions that can deliver the agility, security, and resiliency necessary to empower your organization.  


The Guide to Smart Building Technologies

Make your workplace work for you – read our guide to learn the benefits of smart building technology from Zones and Cisco. 


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Save up to 90% off Network Solutions

Contact us to learn if you're eligible to get a 3-year subscription to Cisco DNA Remote Workforce Network Solutions.