Analyst Report 

ESG Showcase: Breaking the Ransomware Kill Chain with Future-proof Encryption and Data Protection 


Cyber threats continue to grow and proliferate, and organizations must prioritize their cybersecurity strategies to protect their assets and maintain operational continuity. With advancing technologies, evolving threats, and a shifting threat landscape, businesses must navigate a complex maze of cybersecurity challenges.  

According to recent research from ESG, 79% of organizations have experienced at least one attempted ransomware attack in the last year. And of those organizations, 73% reported that the ransomware attack was successful and that they experienced a negative financial impact or disrupted business operations. 

Data protection through encryption serves as a robust defense mechanism against ransomware attacks. Encryption ensures that even if data is compromised, it remains useless to unauthorized individuals by converting sensitive information into an unreadable format. This robust security measure provides an additional layer of protection, bolstering the effectiveness of other security controls and reducing the impact of potential breaches. 


Download this Analyst Report to discover how data protection through encryption defends against ransomware attacks, fortifies your business, safeguards sensitive data, and mitigates risks. 


Download this Analyst Report to learn the significance of data protection and the power of encryption in defending against ransomware attacks. 500x500 (1)