Finance the Apple devices your team needs

With Apple Financial Services (AFS) it’s easier than ever for customers to bring Apple products into their workplace in a way that is simple and cost-effective to procure, deploy, and support.


Work smarter with Apple Financial services

No payments until 2021 for all AFS solutions! Save 25% on Mac® and iPad®. Maximize the affordability of Apple deployments in a consistent, predictable lifecycle.

A Fair Market Value solution with 36 monthly payments for Mac and 24 monthly payments for iPad. The total of all Mac or iPad payments equals 75% of the extended price.

Terms: $10,000 minimum order valid through September 2021*. Other products and services can be added.



What are the benefits of financing your IT with Zones and Apple?

  • Innovative payment models: Apple products are built to last. They retain some of the highest residual values in the industry. Apple Financial Services guarantees the future value of products upfront to create compelling financial structures for your customers. The result is cost-effective for the customer and can help them to open brand new business opportunities
  • Flexible upgrade cycles: Apple Financial Services aligns to customers’ needs today while helping them keep their future options open. So the customer always has complete control of their refresh cycles. Apple Financial Services ensure that customers don’t have to decide on owning the product today – they can make that decision in the future with customer-friendly end-of-term options. As a result, Apple Financial Services can help customers stay current with the latest Apple products.
  • Clear, straightforward agreement. An experience that is simple, flexible, and friendly: Financial contracts have been simplified to make sure everything is clear and easy for our customers. Working with Apple Financial Services, customers can get the technology they need to run their business, with an experience that is simple, flexible, and friendly.
  • The best is even better with the right partner: You can get even more out of your Apple devices with support from Zones. We provide wide-ranging services to simplify the adoption and integration of Apple devices into your company’s environment, including a Readiness Review Assessment and Service Desk for Apple.

    Terms: $10,000 minimum order valid through September 2021*. Other products and services can be added.

Apple (1)-1-1

*Based on a six-month fair market value leasing structure for iPad or twelve-month fair market value leasing structure for Mac. A reduced monthly payment option is available after initial lease term. Offer will vary depending on final products that are included. This special offer requires a minimum purchase of $10,000 of Apple products. Offer valid in the U.S. only. Offer expires March 27, 2021.


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